Wealthy Nations Fixed Maturity Bond Fund 2024

A unique country selection approach, with a well-diversified, high quality, income generating portfolio with a clear maturity

The New Capital Wealthy Nations Fixed Maturity Bond Fund 2024 aims to provide a diversified investment solution that marries a unique selective approach, with the favourable characteristics of a single bond.

Many investors have traditionally looked to bonds to produce excess returns over savings and deposits. But with global yields close to all-time lows, buying individual bonds can lead to greater amounts of default risk and limited diversification. Given a delicate economic backdrop, it pays to be selective and aiming to avoid the most vulnerable over indebted economies can help to reduce risk. We believe the Wealthy Nations approach can be valuable, as investors seek to navigate the challenging investment environment and risks associated with a low growth, low yield world. Our award winning investment team explore 4 key reasons why:
1) Stability: defined investment horizon and objectives in uncertain times Short maturity portfolios have low price sensitivity to growth and interest rate expectations. 
As the portfolio ages, it becomes less sensitive to the macro economic factors that drive changes in yields. 

2) Opportunity: seeking YIELD in the right places Emerging economies are growing faster and gaining world GDP share. 
US yields are at the lowest levels in 10 years. 
Emerging market bond valuations are more attractive whilst dispersion remain thus offering an opportunity to provide a yield pick-up. 

3) Navigation: A unique Wealthy Nations approach Good companies can suffer in bad economies, so being placed in good economies is an advantage. 
The overall growth outlook of emerging economies is good but there are vulnerabilities especially in the riskiest countries. 
The Wealthy Nations approach identifies financially strong countries that are net savers and lend to the rest of the world. 

4) Income: generate a regular income stream Aims to lock-in yields amid the current low rate environment. 
Aims to distribute quarterly dividends (dividends are not guaranteed and can be paid out of capital) over the investment period. 


Class ISIN Price Currency Price Date Factsheet Datasheet KIID
USD Ord Dist HK0000580313 107.40 USD 8/6/2020 - - -
USD Ord Acc HK0000580305 108.24 USD 8/6/2020 - - -
USD Inst Acc HK0000580297 108.27 USD 8/6/2020 - - -
SGD Hedged Ord Dist HK0000580289 107.23 SGD 8/6/2020 - - -
HKD Ord Dist - N/A - N/A - - -
AUD Hedged Ord Dist HK0000580263 107.13 AUD 8/6/2020 - - -


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