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Global investing in pursuit of superior risk adjusted returns

Global investing in pursuit of superior risk adjusted returns

The New Capital Global Balanced Fund launched in December 2018 aiming to provide long term capital appreciation as well as stability of income from a mix of asset classes.

The fund will gain exposure to a portfolio of global securities that are diversified by both region and sector, balanced primarily between bonds and equities. Investment parameters also include cash and alternatives investments which are used from time to time to diversify the portfolio and manage risk.

Our investment approach marries robust fundamental macro analysis with superior security selection across asset classes. We aim to maximize portfolio returns in a risk controlled manner, utilising the wealth of in house expertise and incorporating the best of our proprietary investment approaches from our award winning specialist equity and fixed income fund managers.

The asset allocation methodology seeks to balance the amount of risk exposure that the portfolio employs in different economic conditions. The approach will shift the balance to each environment in order to emphasise those assets that we feel are most likely to perform well within a risk managed framework.

Our equity conviction selection process allows us to compare companies across all sectors, geographies and business models. Over time this proprietary scoring creates substantial intellectual property which is designed to guide us towards superior businesses, industry structures and trends.

We will invest in sterling denominated corporate bonds using our relative value selection approach this model provides a structured, transferable and disciplined framework for identifying and evaluating potential opportunities and exploiting illogical preconceived principles in fixed income markets with the aim of maximising returns for a given level of risk.

New Capital’s global presence – with analysts and managers working in London, Miami, Portland, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Singapore – allows us to devise global asset allocation perspectives from a truly informed research base.


Class ISIN Price Currency Price Date Factsheet Datasheet KIID
GBP Acc IE00BGDWF760 124.05 GBP 9/24/2020 -
GBP Inc IE00BGDWF877 121.19 GBP 9/24/2020 -
GBP X Acc IE00BGDWF984 126.21 GBP 9/24/2020 -


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