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Euro Value Credit Fund

»Grazia Cozzi & Roberto Matta

Carefully assessing a country’s risk profile

Carefully assessing a country’s risk profile

The New Capital Euro Value Credit Fund seeks long-term capital appreciation through a combination of capital growth and income. The Fund invests in medium to long-term international debt securities issued predominantly in euros. The Fund is actively managed for country, credit and interest rate exposure.

The European Value Credit Fund takes advantage of market mispricing overlooked by less innovative European fixed-income funds. This market has tended to rely heavily on the overconcentrated benchmark in which the top five countries account for 68% of allocation. Our benchmark agnostic position means we can take advantage of opportunities offered by countries outside the top five.

The fund’s geographical spread sets it apart from its peers. Key to this is the careful assessment of a country’s risk profile and value. We look at a country’s NFA position as well traditional metrics and its central banking policy. Central banks across Europe have purchased bonds in a bid to inject liquidity into sluggish economies, but in doing so have skewed prices.

We also look at the domestic and geopolitical issues affecting each country when assessing bonds for this fund. Cyclical global economic conditions are a big consideration and we allocate differently according to a country’s strength or weakness. We invest across the cycle in strong countries, and more tactically in vulnerable countries.

Like the other relative-value funds in the range, the European Value Credit Fund benefits from assessment of duration risk and credit quality versus the benchmark followed by our bottom-up quantitative relative-value model (among other analyses). When combined with the extensive geographical assessment these practices allow us to find mispriced, good-value bonds in under-exploited European markets.



Let us introduce you to relative value investing and how it can exploit inefficiencies in fixed income markets.


  1 Year YTD


Cumulative performance is for the USD I Acc share class, since inception.
  1 Year YTD


Class ISIN Price Currency Price Date Factsheet Datasheet KIID
EUR I Acc IE00BF2B2Y39 103.88 EUR 9/24/2020
EUR O Acc IE00BF2B2W15 103.75 EUR 9/24/2020
EUR O Inc IE00BF2B2X22 100.58 EUR 9/24/2020 -
CHF I Acc IE00BF2B3510 101.14 CHF 9/24/2020 -
CHF O Acc IE00BF2B3403 102.25 CHF 9/24/2020 -
USD I Acc IE00BF2B3627 110.89 USD 9/24/2020 -
GBP Inc IE00BF2B3734 100.74 GBP 9/24/2020 -


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