Investment Themes

Our macro approach drives our high conviction investment model, allowing us to combine strategic thinking with active stock selection. We see a variety of themes at play and believe that several funds in our range can offer access to them.

Two interconnected ideas are cyclical recovery and global growth, with most economies around the world now firmly on the recovery path after the turmoil of the financial crisis. A number of funds with exposure to these recovery trends showcase our expertise in Europe, Asia and the US.

We continue to see faster growth in Asia as a major story, but as these economies continue to diverge, greater care is needed when investing. We have several equity funds tied into the Asian theme as well as regional and global bond offerings, which have considerable exposure to the region.

Knocking on Asia’s door

With country diversity increasing within Asia, investors need to take a discerning approach and pay attention to each area’s economic indicators.

How to play global growth

With more demanding earnings expectations placed upon companies, it is essential to find the right way to exploit this solid growth.

Accessing the cyclical recovery

Cyclical RecoveryTo succeed in the current economic environment, investors need to harness the power of cyclical recovery while keeping one eye on risk.