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This year, 120 million Chinese tourists are expected to travel outside of mainland China… Read more
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Concerns raised in the Brexit vote reverberate around the world.… Read more
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Confidence in the US economy is positively affecting a change in consumer buying behaviour… Read more
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China's economy may be slowing, but consumers are spending more on their lifestyles… Read more
Tony Jordan discusses the investment process behind the New Capital Asia Pacific Equity Income Fund… Read more
2016 saw a volatile start in the China equity market. The new circuit breaker mechanism … Read more
European equities started the year with a bang as the hype of the ECB's quantitative easing … Read more
The 13th Five Year Plan looks very encouraging with an aim to boost domestic consumption… Read more
The date of the next five-year plan has been set for 26-29 October in Beijing.… Read more
A longer-term pragmatic view on China. Talk of the Chinese economy collapsing appears overdone… Read more
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The traditionally quiet July/August turned out to be an eventful summer period for global investors in 2015.… Read more
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The summer months of 2015 have been eventful for global investors… Read more
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