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Author: Daniel Murray

The longer end of the US yield slope is often overlooked. In this edition of… Read more
Thewords ‘trade war’ make dramatic headlines in the media, but will the… Read more
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Asian equities were up +30% in 2017, so what does 2018 have in store?… Read more
15 Sep 2017  |  

Bitcoin or bit-con?

In this edition of Infocus we go behind the hype of Bitcoin… Read more
13 Jul 2017  |  

Quarterly Market Review

With global economic growth remaining reasonably firm, concerns are mounting… Read more
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In this edition of Infocus, Stefan Gerlach and GianLuigi Mandruzzato, provide… Read more
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16 May 2017  |  

The Fed's balance sheet

In this editionof Infocus, we answer seven frequently-asked questions about the… Read more
24 hours of Trump: our initial thoughts on his win… Read more
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Concerns raised in the Brexit vote reverberate around the world.… Read more
A longer-term pragmatic view on China. Talk of the Chinese economy collapsing appears overdone… Read more
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The worsening situation in Greece has been a dominant item in global news for… Read more