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Financial markets, on the surface, have been calm for much of 2019. Global… Read more
27 Sep 2019  |  

Portugal is back

Portugal is back. Eight years after being forced to ask for financial assistance… Read more
The next SNB meeting is much anticipated. While many commentators expect that… Read more
Much attention has been paid to the recent inversion of the US term structure as… Read more
Italy Infocus_NC.png
Italy is once again facing a political crisis. In this edition of Infocus,… Read more
Infocus Argentina.png
The next general election in Argentina represents an important inflection point… Read more
22 Jul 2019  |  

Is there a new gold rush?

After years of stagnation, the rise in the price of gold in 2019 has led many to… Read more
Oil crop.PNG
10 Jul 2019  |  

Oil market tightness ahead

2019 has seen a recovery in the oil price, followed by more recent volatility.… Read more
In recent years, economic growth in Latin America has picked up to above 2% in… Read more
The inflation forecast is a key part of the Swiss National Bank’s policy… Read more
The eurozone is suffering from sluggish economic growth and low inflation. In… Read more
The International Monetary Fund’s latest World Economic Outlook makes for sombre… Read more
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