EFGAM launches New Capital Europe Future Leaders Fund

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EFG Asset Management (EFGAM) has launched the New Capital Europe Future Leaders Fund, the third fund in the Future Leaders suite, following the launch of the New Capital US Future Leaders Fund in August 2018 and the New Capital Asian Future Leaders Fund in December 2018.

The New Capital Europe Future Leaders Fund (“the Fund”), is an equity fund focused on owning  truly innovative companies with differentitated business models and led by entrepreneurial management teams. 

The Fund aims to deliver long-term capital appreciation through a high conviction, concentrated, fundamental driven portfolio with a high-quality mid-cap bias that will typically invest in 30-35 stocks. The Fund aims to be exposed to structural trends such as Clean Technology, Cyber Security, Natural Ingredients and Blockchain Technology. It will be benchmarked against the MSCI Europe ex-UK Net Return Index.

The Fund is managed by Bibiana Carretero who also manages the New Capital Dynamic European Equity Fund. She is supported by Martin Stockner and Jonathan Rawicz.

The investment team also leverage the unique input of the EFGAM’s Future Leaders Panel. EFGAM has long held the view that great management is pivotal to successful companies and their ability to continually innovate or disrupt the status quo. However, this is not easily quantifiable or always apparent from traditional company analysis. The Future Leaders Panel1 was established in January 2018 to work alongside EFGAM analysts to build a proprietary and practical investment framework to enable EFGAM to identify visionary leaders in company management teams.

Bibiana Carretero, portfolio manager of the New Capital Europe Future Leaders Fund said:
"We are in the middle of the fourth Industrial Revolution. The pace at which companies form and grow to become leaders in their field is astonishing, and in no small part due to the leadership driving them. We are looking for companies who are ‘masters of their own destiny’ and hence not solely driven by macroeconomic factors. Europe hosts many of the world’s key corporate innovators and ranks number two globally, second only to the US2. Direct EU-level actions focus on creating platforms for transnational and transregional partnerships, as well as investing in research and commercializing innovation. The opportunities to find tomorrow’s leaders today is exciting, and one which we are keen to have put into practice with the launch of this Fund.”

Mozamil Afzal, Global Chief Investment Officer of EFG Asset Management added “The Future Leaders Franchise has been a great success for New Capital since launch.  With the launch of the Europe Future Leaders Fund we have a range that captures the three principal areas of innovation for our clients, the US, Asia and Europe.” 

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